blue friday – ⻘い金曜日 – vendredi bleu

3000,00 €

Peinture à l’ambre sur bois / Amber painting on wood

Pièce unique, original Artwork, 2022

98 x 98 x 0,80 cm

Système de fixation arrière / Rear fixing system

Finally bed, shadow and silence to entrust the part of desire to the night ! The fascination that inspires the other sex is the source of a hypnosis that the night hinders because the darkness suspends its power. Venus doesn’t like to be liked blind. That is why the lover begs to light a lamp and mixes the request of this light with the unveiling of the breasts. O joy of a bright night ! O you, our great bed, happy with our pleasures ! How many sweets exchanged with the light of the lamps. And the lowered light, in the blue night, that of love fights !