I was looking for simple signs to get my bearings, to keep moving forward without tripping too much. For this, always consenting, Ponko helped me, quite naturally, she taught me to recognize her by the smell, to guess the movements of her desire just by the turmoil of her heart, she insisted a lot on the approval of a kiss at the bottom of which we discover all the sweetness of our languages. Before her, I had never been so far into the erotic future of our desires and the brotherhood of debauchery. Impatient and resolute, her pupils dilated and hungry for thrills, smiling vaguely as she read without regard to the bottom of the inkwell of my eyes, she began to break, inch by inch, the walls of the labyrinth. Every night, with my head lying on her stomach, I heard a gallop of wild, mixed, polymorphous, frenzied orgasms rising in the distance.