the night passes and the bodies drea

between aromas of coffee, moonlight and desire

the night that watches without burning or perishing

like a bird with an open wing

who touches what?


touch the other’s body

first the footprints then her feet then her knees

then her thighs, the hood of her clitoris, her breasts of course

her heart too?


love is first of all this silence in its pure state where I am nothing

it’s like between a cheek a knee

really strong leg

I stupidly become everywhere

red and fun


stubbornness of certain words of paradise lost

their wonderful innocence

their immediacy on the tongue

when I both of us


I always come back to the same

arm on your neck

love, heart, legs,

hairs, smile, cheek, glans, balls, ass


caresses experienced for real

the name of the loved one, her skin smell, her pheromones

I wish I could tell everything without it ever ending