seen through a porthole or a bull’s-eye – 1


je me serais pendu pour la revoir

vue par le hublot en fin de nuit

– Pièce unique, œuvre originale
– Epaisseur tranche 0,50 cm (peinte)
– Système de fixation arrière
– Certificat d’authenticité signé par l’artiste
– Frais de transport et taxes de douane non inclus
– Transport au départ de Belgium

– Unique Artwork, Original Painting
– Thickness : 0,50 cm
– Hanging System Included
– Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist
– Shipping cost and custom fees not included
– Shipping from Belgium


I will have hanged myself to see her again – 私はまた彼女に会うた めに首を吊ったでしょう – je me serais pendu pour la revoir

“Like diamonds taken out of their gangue, my last portraits of Haruka present in their detachment and their precision, a beauty of cutting. Filed, polished, from the side or the front, on a dark or luminous background, by the magic of amber, they light up with an autonomous irradiation and swell with a self-illuminating force.« 

Informations complémentaires

Poids 2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 0.50 cm
Created with Visual Composer