Akasako Princess pheromones – フェロモン系 乱痴姫 – phéromones “princesse Akasako”

3000,00 €

Peinture à l’ambre sur bois / Amber painting on wood

Pièce unique, original Artwork, 2022

98 x 98 x 0,80 cm

Système de fixation arrière / Rear fixing system

The dreamer removed the cloths that enveloped her glabrous belly and bare her udders to release them in the darkness before crossing the bridge over the abyss between her dream and nothingness. Everything in her is on fire, she burns in a stream of desires in full agreement with the darkness of her sex which opens up to make her feel that this is her first stay. The intensity of the excitement in the discomfort that, leaving her soul, invades the body she holds out. Her smell is stronger, her skin softer, her features more feminine. She closes her eyes. The Princess’s long fingers insinuate themselves into a warm and humid world, play surprisingly with my penis and bring forth the tears of the god. Black, raw and shameful smell of the ancient primitive. Prodigious state of voluptuousness that it is impossible to put into words.