apocalypse – 黙示録 – révélation

3000,00 €

Peinture à l’ambre sur bois / Amber painting on wood

Pièce unique, original Artwork, 2022

98 x 98 x 0,80 cm

Système de fixation arrière / Rear fixing system

Denudation is a fantasy in its own right. The word “révelatio” means in Latin to remove the “velum”. The “objectio” consists in Latin of stripping the object. Apocalypse in Greek means removing the object from its hiding place. The revelation, the objection, the apocalypse say the same thing, but the nudity which is invented there constitutes the most fundamental phantasmagoria within the original fantasies. Denudation is the revelation of what is hidden from otherness in the other. It is a view contrary to being dazzled.