300-year stopover of Guingamor in front of a maiden – 乙女の前で のギンガモールの300年の途中降機 – halte tricentenaire de Guingamor devant une pucelle

3000,00 €

Peinture à l’ambre sur toile / Amber paint on canevas

Pièce unique, œuvre originale 1981 / Unique piece, Original Artwork 1981

100 x 100 x 4 cm 

Système de fixation arrière / Rear fixing system

He who wants passion without the anguish that bathes it is bored. The loss is completely contained in the game as its secret. Like a black hole. It is this lost continent par excellence that inspires the objects of art and, beyond the objects of art, that delimits the incredible and impalpable ocean that surrounds them. It is in this way that creators wander, strip, play, burn their possessions, free themselves from role-playing, functions, ages, statutes and emancipate themselves from the law. They jump behind Guingamor and dive with him to drown completely in the container originating from their natural condition.