Shikidô! 私 の 色 道 五 十 歩

Shikidô! The sensual and erotic “Japanese way of colors”, where I sought and lost myself, where I went without voice, without money, without power. Progressive denudation and loss of all that covers and believes oneself. Absolutely lost in what has no resemblance. The more I went along this path, the more my work yielded to the hazards of time, to the hazards of my love, to the hazards of my perversions, to the hazards of everything that passed through my head, to the hazards of everything that I hallucinated, at all events. I collected them all as such, as the source of my paintings, as a daydream where I loved to play, enjoy and drown, as my hunger for fragments without beginning or end. The work was then created by listening to what was happening in me, what was emerging in it, pushed by a preventive energy dating back to before itself

Extraordinary achronia of my destiny. Dream, ecstasy, painting, desire do not know time. Experience that is not even intimate, that is irrelevant, like all dreams. In painting, the subject is present, but in the third person, like an insect lost in the middle of the image. The painter’s fixed gaze, almost motionless, in a place without place, which is not without time but remains suddenly. Fullness that can only be lived, so to speak, after the fact. The vision tearing away from its sensation, it almost tearing away from its experience. Shikidô: out of the body, the place, the time, and even the feeling to find oneself at the mercy of a phantom density in agreement with the feminine sexual deity.