08. Investigation about a painter

Investigation about a painter

This book, to which I gave the title of “investigation of a painter”, is based on texts from my workshop journal and letters exchanged with my models. It has allowed me to partly revive the world I have lived in Japan by giving it a more complete face, made up of men but especially women who have worked, loved and traveled with me. Particularly those among my models with whom I lived some time, who moved away, which I found before separating again but without ever ceasing to love us. I wanted to make perceive all these treasures what I discovered in each of them, what is called beauty, tenderness or humanity, in short, everything that makes the taste and the value of human existence. Taking the form of an investigation that follows the fickle future of our meetings and our loves, this 200-page text has multiplied the points of view of the people met by giving them a voice in exchanges full of passion, laughter, tears, annoyance and enthusiasm, to better understand their world, without having to always put the painter at the center. In this way, I wanted to make sure that the love and the confidence that they have given me are never betrayed or forgotten.