03. About my Tropismes – EN


On Sunday January 24, 1999, I made an agreement at Spa with Robert Scherelle for a series of “tropisms” on my canvases then exhibited in the Gallery a1.2.3 …. ART NOWa, rue du Bourdon, in Brussels. Tropism: elementary reaction to an external cause, impressed spontaneous action by you, me, anyone in front of a canvas he discovers on a wall, fragment or synecdoche of an exhibition. Robert liked the idea: someone quietly opens his eyes on a canvas he has never seen. Without wishing in the least to study it, he then tries to say it naively in a few words, then freely asks the painter all the questions he wants to ask him … – (available from Editions Gutta & Astula, 136 pages, 21 x 26 cm, ISBN 978-2-930962-02-3).